Well Of Wishing

I am a whispered word;

A noise long forgotten

Hidden in the recesses

Of worn-out books

And pages with smudged words.

I am a romanticized dream,

A hopeless thinker

On an endless string.

I've poured all my coins

Into that well of wishing.

I am a line of straight A's,

A rule follower,

And my two shoes are always goody.  

A classroom is a home to me

And knowledge is my feeding.

I am a soft heart,

A strong mind

With a sharp tongue to match.

I'm spit fire and cool water

And a contradiction in a body.

I am a fixture in the sky;

A crescent moon

Among a million stars

To keep me safe,

To keep me sane.

I am a lit candle,

Warm and full of light.

I burn fast,

I burn strong,

I'm fueled by the wind.

I am obsessed

With the forgotten art of art—

Music with real lyrics,

Books with real meaning,

Pictures with real feeling.

I am a reminder of the

generations before me,

Each person of my past

Leaving a fingerprint of their soul

Upon my young heart.

I am words,

My truest emotions

Felt through a piece of paper.



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