We'll Meet Again One Day My Cousin

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 20:13 -- jerlee

To be perish from existents

The memory will be held in morbid

As the day goes by it became like the widow of the window

Everyday gone by it felt like I was on fire

Burning my soul away, only to suffer

To remember all the pain, the happiness, the shared event that we had


I’m still only eighteen, when you left us

Was it just a dream?

In a blink of an eye, I saw you in a casket for the last time

How dim was the light? I saw only pitch black

And there was you sound asleep for eternity


If the separation of distance wasn’t so far

The shame of school denied

With co-existence of such a life

I wouldn’t be writing, instead I’ll be at his burial

With my head high up and say “we'll meet again one day my cousin”


Dying at such a young age, with kids that will not remember how their dad looks like

Where the grace period can only be tuned in pictures

As a deceiving view, because it not the living you

That cherishes a family to such degree of love

Remembering your smile, as it slowly fade away

Your death bed face his now replace that smile of yours

For eternity, I won’t find another cousin like you

Who took care, who look after me when I was young

And now only I carried such memory, such weight on my back

To live forward, the growth that was given to me

The knowledge to a virtue soul that has now passed…

I’m glad to have called you my cousin


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