It’s my own vanity...

A personal insanity...

Do me a favor,

Don’t set me free.


Not always subtle...

Won’t bluff the words..

Perk up those ears...

It’s passion you hear.


Squirming in the sheets..

Head in your hand...

Guiding the pleasure ...

Escaping the pain....


Outside there’s a fine mist.

It’s a delicate cold kiss..

Inside it’s warm...

Your emotions all swarm..


This is my deal 

This is no game 

Build up the pleasure 

Release the pain 


Two body’s welded..

A flick of the tongue..

Deep in your bones..

I feel the hum.


Tell me about rules

I really don’t know..

These aren’t delusions 

I can’t run this show..


There’s a fine measure..

It’s pleasure or pain .

If you’d just listen ,

I could gladly explain.


Give me your gaze.

Let me borrow a minute.

Take a deep breath:

You’ll see I’m in it..


This is my deal .

This is no game.

Build up the pleasure.

Release the pain ..



She never really felt quite how I did ... sometimes you miss by the slimmest of margins . The thing is a miss is a miss . I love that woman and always will just never could quite connect and the rules kept changing and I couldn't or wouldn't change for them .


I never could quite connect . Missed it by that much . Love her any way .


You k ow .... that's a good poem ...it's spare .... romantic ...


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