Welcome to the Vanity Fair

Welcome to the Vanity Fair.

Cutthroat marketplace society.

As you journey past each booth beware,

the enemy is there..

almost silently.


I was a Senior last year.

So many peers with a free blunt or a beer. 

So little challenging others for the better.


But man is born to trouble,

as the sparks fly up. (Job 5:7)

This isn't his fault,

isn't her fault,

and most certainly isn't God's.

Although we are responsible for what we've caused,

don't even blame yourself for what you've bought.


Welcome to the Vanity Fair.

Cutthroat marketplace society.

But it's people are not your enemy.


(Drum roll)

And the enemy award goes to..


Look at the troubles you've been witnessing,

it's obvious when done attentively.

Realize the way of life may change,

but the enemy does nothing differently.


Merely hosting wickedness,

The Booth and The Carnie.

Turn away from it's advocates,

fascination starts with curiosity.

These blinding principalities,

The Truth warns of such dishonesty.


Pause the metaphors..

Let's look at the two common means that the enemy schemes.

It's vital to understand,

I'll give an example of each.


Common scheme number one: 

The Booths of Beliefs

Meaning like..

philosophies and worldviews.

So if..

Lies form principles, 

then principles form a society.

The enemy might as well have just set up camp,

sat back and watched,

while throwing a log in the fire every once in a while to keep it burning.

Classic snowball effect from idea to destruction, right?

Sad, but that's reality.


For instance, The Nazis.

Fueled by lies, 

burning millions alive.

Saw what they were doing,

Still so blind.

I repeat,

they are responsible.

But first they were weak at the booth of the enemies deciet.

Prompted through fascination,

disregarding it's intent,

bought the booths beliefs,

and every dime they had they spent.


So hesitate on any idea you embrace.

Doesn't matter if it's from..

Your television or your teacher,

Your president or your preacher.

Scientists, the news, your neighbor,

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter.

Ideas have consequences, 

small and big.

Learn this lesson.

Long for The Truth.

It's protection from deception,

and you need protection too.


Now, for the enemies second common scheme, 

The Carnies

Human systems and those in authority,

or with large influence.

They're a target for the enemy,

more so than any.

Around 2013 years ago,

Jesus came to save,

the enemy knew he needed slaves.

Like the Jewish Council, The Pharisees, The Herods,

The Cesars, and Nero.

Here they had The Truth right before their eyes,

on a donkey he rides,

but an Audi A5 is what they thought he should drive.

In support of this lie,

our Savior was beaten,

stripped of his flesh,


and crucified.


See leaders should lead to that which is true.

But they're men of this world,

just like me and you.

So they're vulnerable too,

what can we do?

Pray for those that hold influence to keep peace through and through.

Jesus's peace,

not just a Jesus piece.


Christian or not,  

if Christ ran for election,

only a fool wouldn't select him,

including his contestant.

The economie's a bust,

although he's not in office,

he's running for your love saying..


vote for me.

I'll set you free when your weak.

See politics changes minds,

but you can choose his inner peace.

And now is the time,

for the enemie's well deserved defeat.


Welcome to the Vanity Fair.

Cutthroat marketplace society.

It's people are not your enemy,

but enter in prepared.


Throughout your visit,

be firm and fully armored.

With The Truth,

strapped around your waist.


guards your heart and is your breastplate.


the boots that guide you through this place.


your shield from shots the enemy takes.


a helmet to keep your conscious safe.

Last but not least,

to fight for love and peace,

take the Bible from it's sheath and let the Word of God speak.


Welcome to the Vanity Fair. 

Cutthroat marketplace society.

It's people are not your enemy,

but enter in prepared.

The Booth of Truth awaits.


Know that you are in the Vanity Fair.

Also be aware of why you are there.

See there is this booth,

this one booth.

The Booth of Truth.

The cost of what it offers has been paid,

humbly and generously,

by one man,

for all.

Some may watch from afar,

some may stop by,

some will come and go as they please.

But someone,

man that booth.



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