Welcome to United Slaves of America

There is one united states of america and two faces on a politician,

three branches control the government of a rigged election,

four hundred thousand dollars ensures america's next president,

five years later, mom's job suddenly becomes insufficient,

we ignore the sixth sense as we work to make ends meet,

paid seven dollars an hour and bearly have enough to eat,

eight hours a day and bearly have enough time to sleep,

nine supreme court judges but they can't seem to agree,

The ten bill of rights should not be infirged by a secret society,

civil disobediance is when the humans want to be free,

peaceful protest is our way to be heard and to be seen,

Only to be crushed and bled by police brutality,

First the african americans and now the LGBT community,

when will the REAL terrorism end?

when will the REAL revolution begin?

one white man for every three black are in prison,

our phones are tapped so the NSA can listen,

Conspiracy or not, the fact is we must question the system,

because the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer,

no, the enemy is not the ghetto white or black neighbor,

it is not the mexican taking away the jobs or the hard labor,

it is NOT the teachers, parents, OR students fault for their failure,

Maybe it has something to do with the Free Masons or the New World Order,

just like artists draw the eye of the pyramid as immigrants enter the border,

Hush, hush,

Welcome to Corporate America,

Stay calm and report everything to the thought police.

stay hypnotised by the television's subliminal messages,

and keep consuming the foods and the beverages,

How else can Pharmaceutical companies make millions,

if their clients are healthy non-diabetic or cancer-free patients?

We are slaves and don't even know it....

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Our world


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