.Welcome too my life

So where the hell do I truly start.
How about picking up the millions of pieces from my shattered heart.
Maybe then I'll teach you how I mask my tears.
Moving forward you'll see a glimpse of my hidden fears.
You can only see this from the inside because I'd never show it in real life.
Before I'd do that I cut my own heart out with a knife.
Look to the left and you'll see all the broken promises from before.
And to the right you'll see the year my mommy taught me to be a real whore.
Straight ahead you'll see the year my innocence was taken.
Wanting to end it all because of choices he was making.
Over on the left at 13 having my very first kid.
I still blame myself maybe it was something I did.
Next we see the new family and my babygirl has too go.
Even though it was my choice it still shattered my whole soul.
Next we learn about human trafficking at it's best.
Gotta make my mommy proud this is my biggest test.
Your tour stops here, but for me it's just started.
I can't tell you all my secrets on how to live life alone and broken hearted.
Although that may have seemed a little painful and sad.
Truth is you can still change everything and life not seem so bad.
Remember you're perfect exactly the way you are.
Never hold yourself back because of a life Scar.
Those are just Road blocks to keep you from your prize.
Your strength lies in the beholder just open those big beautiful eyes.

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My family


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