Welcome to "Paradise"

A beautiful, healthy city

Fallen to its pity

Not fallen; but pushed

by all she trusted.

War shook the ground,

Soldiers fallen, retreated, vanished.

Like a bomb's lingering smoke

the fresh air was slayed,

For nothing remained.


Defenses were put up,

and her buildings put back.

With such protection, she stood tall

Enemies wouldn't touch her at all.

But would you really want that?

That time is dead and gone.


She tore down the walls and people marveled

At the shy creation, shining beautifully bright.

Now naked and pure, welcomed everyone home


Now what came of this?


One she's known before.

Without walls to block it out

She burned everything,

everything but herself.

So she asked him to kill her,

and as always, he did


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