Welcome to the Book of No Pages


United States
42° 24' 27.0972" N, 82° 56' 41.2008" W
United States
42° 24' 27.0972" N, 82° 56' 41.2008" W

There are no chapters,

No such thing as "happily-ever-afters".

It just the imagination from our minds that create all these lovely disasters.

It's mind-blowers, but what possibly does that mean?

It's the words from my thoughts that don't leave without a sting.

I am what's happen', but who's rappin'?

Just understand the flow and soon you'll be after...

It's us knowing, we know how to show it.

It's the truth revealed, our ammunition is what's smokin'.

But I am heartbroken, what's left of the remains?

Nothin' but chunks and pieces,

Who would be there for the blame?

But I am, out spoken- Do you ever see me chokin'?

You can best believe it's my ambitions that keep me hopin',

Because I am down there, closer to the earth,

It's my humbling background that will always come first,

So I am knowing of the life that surrounds,

It's the music in me that keeps my head out the clouds that says,

"Welcome to the book of no pages", it's this story we call life.




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