WELCOME TO america

                           Welcome to America
America , where a man can get shot on video by a cop, yet we wonder if he'll get convicted .
And even though we hoped for "found guilty" we got exactly what we predicted .
No one cares that you're struggling, until you do something illegal to fix it .
I was once oblivious to the flaws in the system, I'll admit .
Welcome to America
Where females are constantly identified by a number
So you know I'm hardly eating, for two piece swimsuits will consume my summer
Welcome to America
Where males have been trained not to show emotion and if they do it must only be anger
So as I'm trying to reason all he can do is yell and scream, couldn't give a straight answer .
Welcome to America
Where black men have declared to only date white women for their easier and less complex
Where a black man is complaining about my attitude as if his mother he never stressed
Welcome to America
Where women are dreaming to have more curves and the perfect hips
Where if you no longer tolerate the disrespect, you're changing and flipping the script .
Welcome to America
Where if he's late to school 12 times, he gets out of school suspension
Where he's working two jobs to support his mother and sister, but this they didn't mention
Welcome to America
Where my depression and anxiety is me seeking attention
Where we tend to judge before having basic comprehension
Welcome to America
Where black girls are either crazy or ghetto
I'm sorry that me being outspoken offends you, and this we know
Welcome to America
Where being dark skin is only a trend, well it's been my life
& the "you're pretty for a dark skin" I don't find to be kind
Welcome to America
Where Brock turner received less jail time for raping her than I would've gotten for assaulting the boy
Where women are degraded so my sense of self, the media has destroyed
Welcome to America
Where I'm struggling to prove a point that I am here
Where my brother walking home at night with a hoodie and skittles is what I fear
Welcome to America
Where being 130 pounds is the media's ideal women, so I didn't meet the expectation
Where I'm supposed to wait around on him, Veronica you've gotta be patient
Welcome to America
Where I'm a double minority , so things just get harder and harder
Where everyone's spending hundreds tryna keep up with the carters
Welcome to America
Where I once couldn't read to write or speak to see
Where I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me
Welcome to America
Where I'm supposed to forget how the blacks, Japanese and Native Americans weren't so free
Well I'm sorry but if you're going to teach me I want to know more than the basic White American history
Welcome to America
Where In 1663 the Virginia courts ruled that if an enslaved mother gave birth to a child, that child is also a slave
Where it's surprisingly yet amazing that I'm not acting like an animal, that I'm so well behaved
Welcome to America
Where in 1954 it was declared that we were separate yet equal
Where nothing is changing but the year it's just another sequel.
Let's make America great again, but when was it ever great ?
During the holocaust, concentration camps, trail of tears, or when blacks were enslaved.
Welcome to America
Where those that pledge to protect are killing off my people
Where we're called hooligans and animals even though our protest were meant to be peaceful
Welcome to America
Where I've been learning about the same history for about five years
Where this year's election we've made to be a joke, yet it's confirmed all of our fears
Welcome to America
Where the story of my ancestors barely made a history lesson
Where the oppressor is telling the oppressed how to feel about oppression
Welcome to America
Where you'll never be able to understand my anger and aggression
For it wasn't you up all night worrying about your brother, you weren't the one stressing .
Welcome to America
Where I , Veronica levels once dreamed of becoming a female officer. Like Olivia from SVU
But then I heard about, Eric, Freddie , Jena 6... have you ever had a dream snatched away from you ?
Welcome to America
Where she's been taught without makeup perfectly enhancing her features, she's not a beauty
Where I no longer feel as though it's about my intelligence but about my thick thighs and my booty
Welcome to America
Where we've been told to love others yet trained to self hate
You see it's not only the ignorance but expectations I couldn't take
We mourn death but we disregarded their cries
And now we're all wondering why their choice was suicide
Welcome to America
Where me talking properly
And dressing modestly left you all stunned
I guess I wasn't black enough
Where even my own mother couldn't prepare me for this world for even she didn't think it could be this tough


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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