Welcome to America

Welcome to America
As November comes closer and the ballots go out,
I can’t help but wonder if my vote really counts,
elections are getting closer,
Politicians are feeding on the peoples’ hope like vultures,
Destroying the environment with violence like poachers,
As US snipers shoot freedom fighters heads off of their shoulders,
You cant find the truth on any channel on your remote controller,
Cuz CNN and Fox don’t report the deaths of all the civilians and soldiers,
Lying to people and lying to voters
Cuz the real agenda is to screw the people and we ignorantly bend over,
Domestic terrorist is the title given to any and every opposer,
Freedoms demolished and abolished by corporate bulldozers,
No matter what president is sworn I can’t conform to this black and white bi-partisan system,
Because democrats and republicans both support capitalist imperialism’sexistence,
If you don’t support either candidate then you don’t have a decision,
You’re just caught in the crossfire of an elephant and a donkey’s collision,
I feel that our rights aren’t real they are just to make us think that we control the policies,
And it’s strange that in 44 presidents the rich still control the monopolies,
Everything is the same and no justice has been gained in any of the 56 elections,
America still brushes us aside and denies us when we have objections,
America still invades foreign countries and produces murderous weapons,
America still shoots first and asks questions second,
America still kills and pillages with no sense of discretion,
America still starts wars with unprovoked aggression,
America still supports the rich while the poor are stuck in recessions,
And America still ensures that minorities are the objects of oppression,
America still chooses weapons over progression,
So ask yourself why do we vote in these crooked elections?
Nothing is certain and we all have doubts,
So I ask myself does my vote really count?
Welcome to America
Welcome to Corporate corruption,
Welcome to Media induced mass mind seduction,
Welcome Top 1% write-offs and tax reductions,
Welcome to the Koch brothers filling their pockets with the profits from oil production,
Welcome to Republicans trying to control women’s rights for reproduction,
And welcome NDAA black bagging, call it legal governmental abductions,
Welcome to M4 and ACR assault rifle rounds constantly dumpin’
Welcome the sounds of drone shots in Iran as they bangn like percussion,
Welcome to Innocent Palestinian blood as its gushing,
As Israeli commandos commit genocide with no repercussions,
The issues are masked by bogus gay marriage discussions,
So welcome to the America’s raging eruption,
The government controls all and the people are distant,
Presidential campaigns are political fiction,
Economy and debt is past critical condition,
Mass produced false truths and designer drug addictions,
Home foreclosures and apartment evictions,
Limited freedoms, the constitution is a contradicted,
Dehumanization of our so called enemies by biased media depictions,
And if slavery is over why are my people still constricted?
Trapped in this American dream of artificial affliction,
Young American soldiers shipped home in mahogany caskets,
A homeless child carries the contents of his life in a shopping basket,
Democracy is an illusion so don’t get caught in the illusion of rigged elections,
The system remains the same regardless of the president’s complexion,
H1N1 AIDs and manmade infections,
NATO is the equivalent of Mafia protection,
Death penalties and intravenous injections,
And mistake after mistake after mistake with no hope of correction,
Its clear that in this country the people isn’t what its about,
So I ask myself does my vote really count,
Show me a candidate with a slate with a slate who wants to save to the environment,
Show me a candidate who believes in non violence,
Show me a candidate who speaks on behalf of the people and never stays silent,
And show me a candidate whose willing to look at the status quo and defy it,
I want a candidate that will release the innocent men from the prisons,
Who channels gives money to education from the funds of unnecessary military defenses,
A candidate with a good heart and pure intentions,
A candidate who comes from an alternative political party,
That doesn’t steal diamonds from the motherland and African safari,
A candidate that doesn’t compromise with lies or wear a disguise,
And helps third world countries regardless of their money or size,
A candidate that fights for societal justice,
With a sword that can slice through the corruption,
I want a president that will stabilize the economy,
Who protects womens’ right and gender equality,
A president that will stand fast in the face of hierarchal behemoths,
A president that we can all support and believe in,
A president that supports the poor and not only the rich
But Unfortunately that president doesn’t exist,
Freedom has not been gained,
To get it we must wage a continual bout,
And ask ourselves does our vote really count?
Revolution is the solution,
No more mass executions,
No more environmental pollution,
And no more useless excuses,
I don’t want to hear any more empty sentimental Obama speeches,
Cuz he strengthened the corporations while education was weakened,
But best believe I would vote for him before I vote for Mitt Romney,
Cuz a vote for him would be the death of already dying economy,
He represents the top 1 percent,
Exactly the type of person that I am against,
The status quo will remain until we try to reform this system,
And actually making our votes count should be America’s mission,
And whether you vote our revolt,
It is your decision



This is a piece I performed on 90.7 fm KPFK to spread awareness about the past election in 2012. Inspired by the atrocities the US commits every day

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