weight and light

Tue, 04/13/2021 - 19:01 -- csb

it is--

and I mean no offense by this

--it's just an observation--

a burden to love you.

to see you in my dreams

and carry you in my heart


I want out--

I want in--

I want you out of my mind

I want to be in your arms


I want to drive you as mad

as you've driven me

for you to see

what it's like to be haunted

by your eyes at night

to feel the weight of your gaze

on my body

but never the weight of your hands.

to see you in the corner of my eye

but you disappear

to see the smile in the corner of your lips

but never from your soul

to wonder what you think


do I make your heart fight

against the confines of your body?

do I stir your soul and make you

breathless with delight?


When you see the stars at night

their years' old light

does it give you hope again

that even far-away lights

are known and loved?


until then

until the day our eyes meet again

I will shine out


through years of night

that maybe far-away,

you still love my light.


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