I have to be better. I have brothers and sisters who are watching. I get tired and weary and depressed because I can't save everyone from hunger and poverty, But my head must hang high because people are watching me. No one sees the tears. No one sees me punching my steering wheel as I drive to the suburbs while my mom struggles in the city. My hands can only carry so much, so I apologize if I fail. I slip up. I make mistakes, but I'm still the same man. There's no change to my morality. There's no change to me. Keep watching me, but don't make the same boneheaded mistakes. Learn. From. Me. I promise to do my best. I promise to keep working when I am tired. I promise to keep progressing when my legs can't move. I have a lot laying on these shoulders, but I have the blood of my father and mother flowing in me. They are heroes to me. Pioneers. Humans. I want to be like them, because I saw how they handle immense struggle... and they dealt with it with a smile and continuation. I'll be that role model. I'll be that human.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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