We each have our own weight to bear
physical, emotional, spiritual we do not care
The thought that our weight could crush others
Is why we do not share

But holding on keeps you heavy
this load of troubles breaks the levy
it weighs you down and eclipses your moon
for the time is nigh, the time is soon

Breathe, take the rocks from off your back
for you are still young and your life is still on track
Chip away at your troubles pebble by pebble
When people shut down I ask you to rebel
revel and revere that you are still here
for this time and this year has only just begun

The wind speaks, it calls out to you
in the midst of your troubles leave and
go on an adventure start your diet, physical
emotional or spiritual, start slimming down your
problems, eat food for thought, riot, create,
design, jump grow to build muscle for that
weight and nothing can bring you down

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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