Weigh You Down


Behind your eyes forever lies

A wild array of fireflies

That flutter through my mind’s long nights

That slow me down and wrong my rights

The way you smirked and touched your hair

Your sarcasm, your savoir faire

Your stubborn soul’s tilt to the left

Is all that’s left

Is all that’s left

For me to piece together you

And make the memories ring true

To bring back times of melody

Of cavalry

Of ecstasy

It’s not enough to fully grasp

The all of you all of me lacks

The selfless hands that held so tight

The mindless hearts that did ignite

A universe so far away

Was here to stay

Has gone away

Nostalgia that breaks my bones

Is written on two sacred stones

One for the loss and all the love

One for you to take up above

To die with and fly with and rectify with

To carry way up in the sky with

Hope in my veins and fear and doubt

That someday it will weigh you down

And break your wings and touch your heart

A bring you back to the very start


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