I wake to the sound of my alarm,
Wishing I was in your arms,
The only way to make it through the day,
Is waiting for a chance to lay,
Lay in bed and dream,
Of what will someday be.

Tonight the moon will rise,
And yet it’s one of the things I despise,
Knowing that another day has passed,
Since I have seen you last,
Can you hear my cries,
The sound when a part of me dies.

When night finally falls,
And there are no more calls,
No more voices to distract me,
Forget all my problems and what tomorrow could be,
Seeing your face glowing in the moon,
Will I sit here praying I will see you soon.



I think that "Seeing your face glowing in the moon" is the most powerful ine of this poem, because you write about how at night when we can dream, we are connected to the things we feel most passionately about.

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