The wealthiest homeless man

I met a homeless man once, poor in wealth but rich in spirit. I asked him how he gets through his days, he told me himself because God can hear him. He didn't ask for money, he didn't ask for food. All he wanted was my ears to listen, because he was about to deliver me the good news. Sell everything and give it to the poor, words now that make sense than ever. He told me it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to get into heaven. I often wonder about this man, where he slept, how he survives. But the answer when I asked him, was that the good lord provides me was his reply. The difference between want and need, a perspective forever changed in my heart. Just how much abundance we truly have. Only one set of clothing on him. Not a dollar or a bag. Yet the happiest man I ever met. His eyes lit up and full of grace. Not a fear in the world, no drops of envy he wanted to taste. His faith and trust seemed impossible, but yet there he was teaching the word. His love, compassion, healing goodness, surely he wasn't of this world. This story is true to every detail, this man still inspires me to this day. I didn't have the courage to sell my stuff, I surely couldn't give my money away. I haven't seen faith to this extent, there he was more at peace than anyone I know. Didn't worry about insurance, groceries, cell phone, not a thought about a bank note. Help me to understand God, I know this was a lesson to teach me faith. I know you've never left me. Healed my wounds, taken any and all burdens away. This man seemed to know a secret, something I didn't then understand. Possessions are earthy treasures, consumerism encouraged by "the man". Want and want and take some more, extend my line of credit. I feel happy buying this now, even tho I know later I will regret it. Throw it away the batteries are dead, we can always buy a new one. Whatever it takes to keep us distracted, a plan worked perfectly by the evil one. I tell you, peace is surely an option, it only takes one hundred percent faith. This man I met knew in his heart, his works will be rewarded someday. Who he was, where he was from, a question I will ask until my final days. Could this be the son of God? Jesus Christ who took our sins away?

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