Morning breaks and mourning begins,

this is a day we dread.

Dragging ourselves from place to place,

wishing were still in bed.

Mummified bodies fill the empty streets,

moping about this endless week.

Today's the day we realize,

we all hate our lives. 


Today is less prominent than before,

an unmemorable day for us to endure. 

A barren body and a blank face,

focus on the terror of staying awake.

It goes on as a torturous blur,

taunting us that the final day is hardly near. 


Wellness now fills the air,

half-way done and half-way there. 

Partial fulfillment,

wakes us up.

Hope is breathtaking, energizing,

our fatigue has escaped us.


Then, anxiety creeps upon us,

as we are close enough to hug it.

The girls chatter about their plans,

releasing excitement with every breath.

Tomorrow is the day,

that everything is awesome.


Finally the stress and exhaustion is dead,

because freedom helps us to forget.

School work is evaded as,

our minds are sedated,

by the sound of the final ding,

Everyone evacuates,

rushing adventures fill the air.

Until eventually we look around,

to see that nobody is there.


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