We were Friends


WE met in the sunshine of a winters day

We Met like old friends, as if we had known each other for so much more than a mOnth

You told me your secreTs and I told you my dreams

When you were down I filled you with sunshine and whispered kindness in yOur ear

When you were high I gave you all my eNergy to make sure you stayed above the clouds

I gave you my All without hesitation, but that was never enough

You made me waLk on eggshells, and jump through hoops lined with the fire of words I insisted you didn’t meAn

You gave me Bruises and scars and you thought we were even

We were a match made in heaven, Until we weren’t

You took all of me and Still wanted more, I walked away, and you pulled me back with empty promises and sweet words laced with poison

I gave you onE more chance, but you picked up your knife and stabbed me yet again

I’m tired, I’m worn, I’m done

And yet I still wish you the best


Do you see it now?


This poem is about: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Very creative with the word play
Powerful message
Keep spreading the truth


Emotional Abuse.  What a powerful message.  Love never stops but we can let go.


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