We Shall Persevere

A dangerous people, a dividing nation

A world full of hate

A FUTURE to believe in becasue America is great?

Let me tell ya'll something...

Bigotry and Violence, Racism and Injustice surround every city

Social Media increases terror and people now full of pity

Fear runs in the blood of those who are human

No man, No woman can escape this FACT because it is proven

A black man killed by the hand of a white man

People in the streets wanting Justice and a Plan

In 1968 a Civil Right's Movement was accomplished

Then why are we all still fighting as it goes unacknowledged

Black Lives Matter is a movement for justice

Being labeled as just racist

All Lives Matter, yes that's true

But right now lets focus where attention is due

A man or woman with different color skin

A painted fence is still the color from within

To those who fought for life and land

Now are having to take a stand

Destroying sacred Native Land is like going back in time

It feels like were moving down history's line

If freedom for all is what this country stands for,

Then let's all come together as a family and as a whole

We ALL have come so far to turn back now would be bizzare

Let's all march forward for the morning is near

Comeing together means We Shall Persevere

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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