We, The People


In the midst of darkness, I cannot see.

I am enthralled by fake and emotional ideologies.

I am enshrouded by hedonistic industries.

Will I ever rise to the surface of liberty?

These shackles have not only been placed on me,

But also my fellow citizens in this flawed democracy.

Our eyes are blocked by a stereoypitcal view of political greed.

We have swayed away from understanding and setting the inolerants free.

Our solution to issues sways in the direction of violence and obscenity. 

We must return to our original platform of a prior restrictions and peace,

Not just to retain principles of civil disobidience, but our sense of humanity.

Our focus should sway in the direction of a harmonious society,

For in the quanta of social preferences and norms, exists genuine equality.

We must understand, however not always agree, in order to see,

That in tolerance of the nature of others, we find social harmony.

We must not nourish the cycle of hatred that exists in a social taxonomy,

We must abolish our biased differences in order to give rise to human integrity.

Few individuals have taken the first steps into restoring liberty.

In the midst of darkness, a galvanic shock disseminates throughout my body,

All of a sudden I inherit a purpose to feel alive again without uncertainty,

A crecsendo of reasons become vivid for the life I should lead.

The light has been shed on me, now I must project the light upon thee.

For we, the governed, have a choice to remain in our malignancy,

or we may choose to defy adversity,

and enjoy the fruits of freedom for an eternity.




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