We Never See It Coming

Classrooms flooded with fear,

Teachers protecting the young,

Students too little to know,

A gunman who didn't care,

In a country of freedom,

A country of power,

Why must we all die young?

We might be alive,

but inside we all die,

Except those who are actually gone,

It didn't matter how young or how old,

He shot the ones that he could,

Those who lived,

Will never be the same,

And tears will be shed,

For the ones who did not,

We never learn,

Always pretending,

How long until we all die inside?

Mistakes, that can never be taken away,

Lives that can never come back,

Broken hearts,

Visible scars,

Tear streaked faces,

Hearts pounding,

A horror no child should know,

No matter how many times,

We never see it coming,

The day when the young ones die,

Without heart or mind,

Several children died,

And those lives that they never had,

How could you? We ask,

Why did you? We ponder,

But still, We Never See It Coming.


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