we met by the sea

When I was young I had dreams of becoming a mermaid 

I always had a sense of connection with the sea 

It was by the beach where I made so many memories 

Met so many wonderful people 

The ocean is where I found me 


Where you found me 


I remember being young and naive 

Always wanting to go further out 

Explore the open sea 

Draven was always so afraid of what was out there 

He often stayed up by the shore

Where it was safer 

Where he was happier


I never bothered to stay 

You always lured me in 

I loved the feeling of going down under 

Staying in the deep 

Everyone talks about how beautiful and peaceful it is 

But no one talks about the sounds 


The muffled sounds of waves going over your head 

Letting go and letting the ocean just take you

Have full control 

You had full control 

I just let go


Of everything 

All my emotions 

All my hurt 

All the anger 

Just gone with the waves 


I remember how angry i used to get 

How much it took to just hold it in a little longer 


But the minute i saw you

I feel at ease 

I finailly have relief 

Going underwater and just screaming with all my heart 

All my lungs 


And then when you cant breathe 

You resurface 


And you finailly found your purpose 




We met by the sea 

Next to the pier 

Where me and you laughed and giggled

Where you left me 


And disappperd 


I know you’re still outthere 



Adrift with the waves 

Your at peace 


I guess peace was nevermeant to stay with me. 


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