We March


United States
36° 54' 12.7692" N, 76° 22' 31.098" W

Listen to the earth move under our feet.
We march on cold heartless stone.
We shall not be moved by forces outside of our own.
To my left: a battered mother raped by her color.
To my right: a father scrutinized by his beliefs.
We journey side by side
Knowing nothing of color
Only equality.
This is my brother
no matter what race, gender, or religion he resides under.
This is my sister, no matter what country she escaped from.
We are Americans for my people were shipped here like cargo and claimed as property.
His people originating here and out weaponed for claim of the land.
Her people ran here in search of a new world of equal opportunity.
We march as one because we know each others struggles.
We march in unity because we are here for the same reason.
Equal opportunity for every man, woman, and child.

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