We Just Dont Know

What have we come to?

We walk around with our heads held high

And pants sagging low

Acting like weed is cool just to blow 

Boys calling girls b's and hoes 

But we just dont know 


You stand in line for jays for hours

But wont go to school so you wont be a coward

Acting different just to be cool 

Changing your clothes thinking you'll pull

The girl they all want but little do you know 

Shes got the code to end your so called "flow" 

But we just dont know. 


Sneaking out the house feeling kinda proud 

Going to the party your friend found

Not ducking to the sound of the gun


Now what do we do?

Phone your ma saying " Hes gone there is nothing we can do."

But we just dont know


The pain we cause the ones we love

Not only your mom but the one from above 

Who watched the last drop fall and the stop of the flow 

Your just another teen with no dream

But a mistake that you just dont know 


Guys arent the only ones with gun

As they say girls just want to have fun

With their hair long and shorts high 

Saying hey im gay or im bi

But we just dont know


Finding girls that cry day and night

Thinking that she just might 

Let him in, rubbing her tummy later

Realizing the kid....

They produced 

With a father who is ruth... less 

But we just dont know 


Oh thats the boy you said you dont like 

Talk all that stuff but dont want to fight

You run up and smash his head

Accidentally end his life?

Look what you did

Behind bars wishing that he lived

But we just dont know


This is my generation we don know

But soon need to find out 




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