We Hear You Ferguson

What is there left to say?
Much less, what is there left to do?
Change is coming. 
America sees it.
America needs it.

I haven't wrote poetry in a long time.
But honestly, I have no words,
 just a jar full of emotions.

Mothers tears, cant be wiped.
But her son's life can just be swiped.
Where was God?
His law is greater than man's

When will America see
We aren't race-post anything
It's 2014, but it's looking like 1919

It all started way before Emmett Till
America, open your eyes
Why cant you see?
We are losing our black brothers and sons

Black lives matter
All lives matter
Why are cops shooting to kill?
What happened to shoot to stop?

Guns, guns, guns,
I own no gun
I own no gun
but I still get hit every time

I still get shot

The bullet was meant to protect
but it switched to kill real quick
I own no gun, but I saw his mom
saw his mom lose her son

No justice no peace

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