We Gon Be Alright

Tue, 01/14/2020 - 12:58 -- jjp2767


He hears so many voices in his head

“There will always be fear”, the main one said

But with a much fainter sound

“...we gon be alright...”, yet he still had a frown


Walking into a room, he feels like an outcast

The differences make him feel dead last

His complexion isn’t the brightest

“we gon be alright.”, but he doesn’t hear in the slightest


He begins to notice in his head

“We gon be alright.”, the voice said

Anxiety has always gotten the victory

And it’s always driven him crazy


“We gon be alright!” the voice says again

Yet his heart is pounding through his chest

“You’re so different from everyone” the main one states

And it’s a love-hate relationship, he and his traits


But he begins to calm down

He realizes the challenge of being the lonely brown

The voice in his head was always right

And he speaks out loud, “WE GON BE ALRIGHT!”


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