We Dream in Words

Don't these empty lines boil your flow?

The words remain in hiding

Syllables lost in waiting

You rummage through the nooks of your mind

For that perfect poem you cannot find

Allow me to open the treasure chest

Spark up a thought while you unwind


Imagine a kangaroo hopping the clouds

Four jumps away from the moon

Or a lone mermaid riding a sand dune

The gold sparkles running through her hair

Ever seen a salmon hungry for bear?

Imagination is a wondrous place

Dress up your thoughts; give 'em something to wear


Show me a butterfly sprouting to a caterpillar

In a world where everyone loves Monday

And scorns the nuisance that is Friday

You share the stage with your favorite band

Overlooking your origin, the sea of fans

Paint skyscrapers dangling from the stratus

And water only falling up in this land


Tell your pen about molecules

And how they grow bigger than your home

Draw up a grand metronome

Conducting the song of one life

Will disease heal in time with strife

As dogs rescue humans from shelters?

It's time for our dreams to come alive




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