Thu, 07/24/2014 - 21:24 -- Tyler_g


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We dem boys

Them boys that do great things

Them boys that after we do it you want to do it too

No need for twitter to tell me I’m trending

I’m black,

I’m trending everyday

Just look at your stoplight, hair care products, and your cabinet with jiffy in it,

I don’t need Facebook to let me know that people “like” me

I’m black, I’m getting likes everyday, just turn that a/c up,

let me know how those biscuits taste,

let me know how warm your clothes feel after they come out the dryer,

let me know how good that ice cream taste on that summer day

Apple products don’t define how rich I am, just know that I’m the reason why you eating,

I’m the reason that lemonade taste so good, I’m the reason why you have that Bugatti,

Dear white America, you cant lock me out, I invented that too, you gone think of me everyday day your lawn sprinklers come on,

Everyday you touch that doorknob,

 Every time your chef is beating them eggs in the morning,

I want you to know that are nothing without me.





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