We Cool?



-Here we seeeee

-An Upstate Geeee

-Name is Little Cee's

Little Fuckin Ceez

-Never picked a P

-Nev-er stopped a G

-Not callin the polly

-Dont even know meeeeee

Down with a Geeeee

till we D.I.E. D.ie.

-No killing

No shilling

-No plastic pilling

mothafuckas eating

Any thing they seeeee

Dont take meeeeeee


Keep it real classy G

Just Stick with meeeee

Ill show theeeeee

What you cant seeeeeee

What they dont want to seeeeeeee

mothafuckas full of shtttttt


..... Dont worry G, we here now,

10 years too late,

really sorry brody

Busy suckin that teeeeet

Now I seeeeeeeee

mothafuckas scratchin fo paper

cant get it by meeeee


They dont seeeeeeeee

mothafuckas cheatin meeeeee

they don believveeeeee

you and meeeeeeee


And if there's a cure for this?

We dont neeeeeeedd

yo fuckin teaaaaaaaaaaa

fuckin D.I.E. D.I.E.





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 


Little Ceez

Hey Im outta upstate NY, keepin it real despite the teelt

Dont worry bout me, I keep a piece round me

Fuck Shooting Gee's

Get off yo kneeee's

Time to Fuckin Seize

Throw the keys to Little C's

Roll up the next blunt


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