We both sit here,looking

We both sit here,looking through each other.

A transparent understanding.

A reason your demanding.

Only daggers I'm handing.

Out of guilt, you tell that cat to let go of your tongue and SPEAK.

You have changed the song you once sung, the verse is almost done.

I can't reach the climax of your mind.

Because I'm still climbing towards mine.

I spit fire from my lips.

While on the other hand you communicate through your hips.

But if we don't find a common ground, or bang the table.

All im asking for is a simple SOUND.

A SOUND that will let me know the feeling you feel.

The spirit that was killed.

No scars but still healed.

Let's make a deal my love.

But you have to SPEAK first.

Your words quench my thirst.

Even if every now and then you curse.

I can wipe away the sweat and blood.

Put out the fire in your throat. But who SPEAKS first?


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