We Are Stars

For the last seven years, six months, five weeks, four days, three hours, two minutes

Every second you've been in it

Looking back at the beginning when nobody believed

In our vision or us livin our near impossible dreams

But what they fail to realize is that when you're against all odds

Is that coming from the bottom isn't as hard as it seems

Just remember winners take chances

Losers never choose

And those who get a jumpstart rarely ever lose

Now give it more energy, we need more energy

Let them hate, it's time to make doubting us their worst enemy

Go on and let them judge us, they aren't on the jury though

It's time to rise above them

So let's tell these nonbelievers, here we go

Every little place we go they'll be hating

And with every little thing we do

They will try to destroy us, but they know

That we are stars

So let's show them my friend

That we are stars

So let's show them my friend


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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