We are a Poet

Tue, 01/06/2015 - 14:02 -- F.R.


My words here have so many harmonics

Always shifting like the earths plate tectonics

Hustling and bustling like the busy streets of New York

The sound so thick it could be eaten with a fork

I know that doing poetry ain't "cool"

They say that when i spit i look like a fool

But I'm not caught up in the spotlight

I keep to myself and I'm doing what i know is right

Poetry can come from most anywhere

From the chirp of a bird to the growl of a grizzly bear

We write and we write until we end under stacks

We're a team and definitely never turn our backs

When i stand before you and spill my heart

Even when i leave i know that we will never be apart

Even through most of my darkest hours

I know you'll be ther to lift me like towers

And when i fall, your with me day after day

You are my sunlight, my shining ray

For this i would like to thank you with every fiber in my bones

I know that you are me and I am you, from our head to our toes.


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