[We are one. We are whole.]


United States
37° 56' 2.904" N, 121° 41' 48.2784" W

[We fight and we live
we strive and we cry.]
to live in a world so cold
so brave so frightful
so full.
Of Color [we sigh and
we hide and we hate.]
to live in a world of hopes
and dreams
of beautiful things.
We fight and we Walk
we talk and we Dream.
it seems more than Nine
seek peace and benign alike.
[We are one, we are whole
we are White, we are Black.]
We fight back. No
shame in Color in tone
in Bravery.
[We are one. We are Equal.]
Winning for once we are
Free. Of struggle we battle and
piece by piece it will
cease and assent to
acceptance to opportunity.
To walk through the door
of truth of plenty
of effort of attainment. We
are Free.
Freedom is yours, is mine
is Ours. [We are one.
We are whole.] And
we fight back.


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