We Are One

We are one

Me and poetry are one

Like my heart beating in my chest,

Catching every BA-bum-BA-bum

We are one

Like my lungs catching every breath

We are one

People ask me

Why do you feel the need to do poetry?

I answer

Because WE connect emotionally

Poetry is my therapist and I its patient

The poems are the cures to the situations

If it was not for Maya Angelou

And her beautiful “Still I Rise”

Me and Poetry probably would not have seen

Eye to eye

If it was not for the tears I shed

And the pen and paper at my command

We Probably would have never met

Because WE are one

It is the one I run to when I feel lonely



And Defeated

Pen and Paper sat on my desk

Awaiting our session

Me and Poetry are one

Like the thimble on the thumb


The Moon and the Sun

We are one

Like the sunset on the horizon



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