We are Here


United States
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We are here it took hard work to be here equally. And Our ancestors carry the scar.
The color of your skin doesn’t describe who you are!
Race, color, religion, or national origin are qualities that portray our character.
Be grateful for the abolitionist that took a stand to outlaw racial discrimination against black Americans and restore rights.
From blacks being in the back of the bus bunched up tight to Malcolm x ready to fight we persevered.
Some tore our self-esteems in different ways, lasted from 1955-1975 and many extensive days seemed to never come to an end.
Confused about what type of message to send blacks had business to tend.
Marching on Washington we where on the move, the citizens had a point to prove.
The civil rights movement was a freedom ride to equality and black power.
Fist held high to sky we where told,” Get out that seat” Rosa Parks had to deny.
Ignore the violence we endured, non violence is the way to go for Martin L. King Jr. said so.
“Separate but equal,” what a joke, our leaders weren’t sleep they where alert and woke.
We saw your tricks and we rose above it all from the NAACP to the SSOC.
We had our riots than we pulled it together stood by each other no matter what type of weather,
We are here strong, beautiful, and smart! Love and respect yourselves and what’s in your heart.

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