We are the future.


So is failing courses and missing classa

any way different then flailing corpses and cutting youreself on glass.

From cutting grass to shaving a man's,...head.

To using textbooks as pillows at school, not at all in you're bed. 

We often compare ourselves to what we are not,

but in reality, for our subconsious mentality 

to the late fatality of our behaviour is, what is taught.

Though we might not be the next Bill Gates or the next Steve Jobs,

we seek to be taught, and saught to be brought to success we assess that we 

need not to be rot in the horrible plot of what the system corrupts a person to 

flaunt. We ask, what is education, what does it want.


We thrive to succeed and we show that we are in need,

so we have the funds, to continue our studies. 

Yet 4 years is not enough of preperation, and with teachers 

as bad as ours who, teach squat and show perspiration, Were nervous.

We are exited but prepared to fail, we are tremendous, at what we have learned,

nothing, in the sense that we might end up crashed and burned, or fliped and turned

and quite honestly perpetually internally churned.  While our parents remain concerned at what 

our future will hold and what will we have earned. Nothing. 


From memorizing small text to the complex bio structure.

We are pressured to cheat, and copy, or our heads might rupture.

With givin little to no time, to complete out ragous home work assignments and idiotic projects of

anatomy or enzymes, we find it hard and struggle. To simply write our name on our work or come

up with a simple rhyme, to pass the time as we commit the crime of plagerizing, and sumbitting

our faults, because our own words are locked up hiddin within our own minds, in vaults. We can 

not express our words or impress the turds of what we call teachers, so we buy them gifts and

wrap them up real nice, so they might think twice, before they grade that test and write stuff on it 

that might be cold as ice, we dont ask much for sweetness nor nothing of spice, we just want to 

pass, with an average above sea level. We kiss ass to our teachers thought they might act like

the devil, we do what we must, and when we fail at our goals, we get up, we brush off the dust,

we try harder and either hit or bust, we have to trust them,  because they are "educators" they

water us plants but yet, we are the stem. We are students, we are doctors, lawyers,  we are

anything they are not. We are students. 

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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