we are earthquakes & we are earthquakes

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:56 -- mnissan

We are both earthquakes

because we are scared

and I don’t think I can kiss the moon beams


My lips

have become raw

and bruised

and scabbed

from whispering your name.

I am a body

tangled in the sheets

of a secret love affair

with an empty house.

tie me up with your words

& hide me in the cellar

of your thoughts.

Release me

when I have decomposed

& send my remains to the sea

where I will be scattered

like seeds

among the coral

and find me

when I have risen to the surface

sweet & sticky.

I no longer want to

dig up the remains

lost at sea

I no longer want to

howl at the moon

when it is not full

because then

I am just a fool.

I will roll with your punches

kissing and hugging them

as I fall to the ground

scraping my fur


onto the pavement.


are earth quakes

& we are earthquakes

because we want


because we want solace

because we want to be

what couldn’t.

I am waiting to not sleep

I am waiting

for the hallucinations

to creep from behind my eyelids

and convince me

that I am alive

convince me

that i have two feet on this earth

& one hand in the clouds


for more stardust

to sprinkle on my lungs

breathing it in

and exhaling the universe

convince me

that we’re not fleeting

convince me

that we’re not fleeting

but most of all

that we’re alive


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