We are designed to love.


We are designed to love.

We are designed to create.

We are designed to dream.

All we do is destroy.


We fill the minds of our young

with happy endings.

Our intentions are pure

but it is a snowballing lie.


Our bodies and minds grow

along with our ambitions and goals.

Our hearts our filled with hope

as the clock continues to tick.


We chase after our dreams

but end up watch someone else achieve them.

Repitition makes this world cruel

and everything we work for falls apart.


Failure is supposed to motivate

but it buries us in dissapointment.

Finally building something were proud of

and it turns into an untaimable beast.


The heart is open and willing

for people to wipe off their feet and come inside.

People steal and break every happy memory

and the heart bolts itself shut.


We are designed to hurt.

We are designed to break.

We are designed to steal.

Welcome to the real world.





I absolutely love this.  The first four lines got me to read it, but I couldn't stop.  There's so much honesty and relatabiliy.  Thank you for this.

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