We Are


United States
39° 31' 3.7812" N, 77° 39' 54.2376" W

(poems go here) We can say and we can do,
Yet we never stop to ponder reality.
Life is anything but stable,
And we never look at the brutality.

We can focus on the “if, ands, and buts,”
But never on the effect.
We are human and we make mistakes.
We only want to protect.

Protect ourselves from the hurt and the pain,
Because that is the name of the game.
We try to live free but we can never succeed.
It is never our own name we come to blame.

We are humans and we must learn,
Our selfish decisions turn into hurtful words.
We must live for others and forgive our brothers.
It is our generation that will change the world.

Through us light will shine,
And we will always be one of a kind.
Throw your hands up and do it for good,
For we are humans and we cannot curse mankind.

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