We Are

         We will live.

         We will look at the people that push us down, and we will rise.

         We will take the hate, the criticism, the hurt, and we will create something breathtaking.

         We will not turn our heads to the pain of others; instead, we will offer them a helping hand so they, too, can stand among us.

         We will smile into the faces of those that wrongly accuse us, and we will give them nothing but love.

         We will work hard to achieve our goals, our happiness, our dreams, while the others mock us.

         We will look at our battle scars and we will not hide them away, in shame. We will leave them bare, to prove that we went through hardships, are still going through hardships, and yet we march on.

         And when we are high up in the clouds, looking down on the same people that denied us, ridiculed us, opposed us, we will smile and wave at them as they continue to descend, still cursing our names.


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