We all go to school.

Sure some of us are fools

We all have teachers.

Annoying teachers.

Mean teachers.

Nice teachers.

Smart teachers.

We all have things to say them.

We all...well most of us try not to say anything.

But if we could,

We would say, 

We all want to learn stuff, not about your ski trip.

We all want money when were older.

How is this gonna help us when we're older?

Your mustach is weird. Oh yeah she's a girl...

Are you ever gonna get married?

Can we actually learn today?

These are the things us that go to school.

Who might be fools.

Who have teachers.

Who are Annoying.

Who are mean.

Who are nice.

Who are smart.

Who want to say things to our teachers. 

But we dont.

Because if we did we would probably get detention. 

Or have to sit in class.

While our teacer makes a long lecture that trails on,

And on,

And on,

And on,

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