We all have a Purpose

We all have a Purpose by: Nia McCrea We all have a purpose Or so I thought Till you made me believe I do not We all have a purpose Some may agree  Till you looked in the room And didn't acknowledge me  We all have a purpose I thought this true  Till I was told I'd be nothing like you  We all have a purpose My mother said  Till one day I came home My eyes burning red  We all have a purpose I learnt this to be  When I looked in the mirror And saw me for me  I have a purpose I know it's true  As I over came the things you said I could never do  I have a purpose what is it you may ask  My purpose is to be me, grow strong, and that is a fact  I have a purpose I'll share it with you  My purpose is to prove you wrong In the thing you said I could never do  We all have a purpose Remember that  So never give up, stay strong and don't EVER look back 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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