I am black

Viewed as devouring the good in the world

Or as a great being like no other

I am a youthful spirt                   

Viewed as mischievous, rebellious, and unwilling to change

Or innovative, the future of my generation and many more to come

I am talented

Expressing myself through lyricism and instrumental patterns

Possibly heard as amateur

Or the next impactful sound to spread the globe

I am sensitive

Viewed as too vulnerable

A soldier in battle without armor,

But continues fighting

Or as an empathetic human capable of loving

Sharing the same emotions as you

Because I am you

In my own way

With my own finesse and madness to my methods

I am greater or less than you

When I am simply me

So, what am I to you?


- Savor Tanner

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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