Ways Unknown


United States
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I will communicate in ways unknown,
slipping references inside spaces
that you never even knew existed
making sure that you understand that
You. Missed. This.
chance to be with someone so clever
someone so thoughtful
someone so quick; someone with wit
someone who could grab from the air
things that were barely there
but that call out to her in the evening hours
when the day is drawing to a close
and she thinks about who she knows
and where she’s been
and who you’re not
and whether or not you’re seeing what I’m seeing.
Are you seeing what I’m seeing?
I will communicate in ways unknown,
ways unseen to most but obvious to me
Obvious to you....except.
When you left, the obvious left, too.
Do you get what I’m saying?
Is it making any sense?
I can’t even predict if my thoughts have ends or if I'm in an endless cycle, bowing down to you as I leave petals and hints and words like droplets of dew
to a morning of a day that we never even knew -
a day that you will never wake to see
so all my ways are unknown to all but me.


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