The way of success

Success is the ripples in currents of water

that draws in or deters people who cannot stand

against it's current path. Determination is a

wind that cannot be stopped and has no point

to quit. Pressing through against the waves

of the sea is to fight for freedom, better future,

and most of all success in all one can achieve.

Believing will be the iron heavy enough to 

keep one on the ground from being uplifted

from the doubt that sweeps and destroys comfort.

A mind with intent to go forward will see many

abundant riches in due time, such as a miner

see's and brings a pure diamond for loads

of cash. In all this, my struggles has been

something that kept me down. I look towards

meditation and positive aspects that brings me

through the terrible times of my life. My focus,

strength and perserverance flows from the two

main things and is why I will not give up the good

fight for success and the difficulties there are in it.


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