The Way a Snake Sings with His Eyes

Baby, please, sunshine--darling;
Gimme more of that light, little bit of
Enthusiastic beaming, sunrays I tore from your shy smile.
I love making you think it was your idea.
Baby, love, dearest maudlin little
Bitch, don't you dare, don't you fucking ever dare
Leave me alone. Cut the crimson thread and I can't
Knot this shit back together, sweetheart.
Melancholy town, mouchette-mine, my
Bug-eyed freak, wool-shears, decorated so finely in
Knitted silver sweaters. I want to turn them
Blood fucking red, love, blood red all over you.
That's what I like to see--a little respect, little bit of
Apprehension on your features. Doe-eyed done right,
Shaking limbs, trembling at my touch, oh, rapture in
A chorus of "yes" that I know you mean it, deep down.
That's what I like to see.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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