The Way She Played Me (I can live without you)

This is the way she played me,

and hell if I'm not angry.

Now I Don't typically write rymes

Let alone spit man.

I'm just your average Maine white guy,

who probably won't incite crime. 

Now lemme tell you about this one time,

where this girl, was all fine.

She kinda cute

She kinda tall

She kinda Catholic 

and kinda my thing.

Next up were those DMs,

followed by all those questions.

Then a, few months in, 

You tell me about your boyfriend.

Why did you tell me I'm funny.

Why did you tell me I'm cute.

First of all honey, I am not happy

with you or with him or anybody!

Then you pull this last minute we go again..

"Baby I'm sorry this doesn't have to end."

Well this does have to end.

You are not sorry; you never were 

and never will be. 

This is pathetic,

I'm not empathetic,

I hope this emotional pain of yours has no anesthetic!

Your halo is gone,

not longer angelic.

You took a piece of me,

you can call it prosthetic.

I just hope this frenetic, poetic, phillipic rant

will make you levant 

and never come back.


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