A Way Out

An infant girl that’s been lost and alone

Dead beat dad who denied her of being his own

A mother who challenged the reason that she lived

Critiziing every single thing she did

Her tears continued to fall…

A young girl who smiles in the dark

A father whose no longer in her heart

A mother who blames her for their hardships

A brother that showed her kindness

Her tears continued to fall

A young woman who realized she cared

A father she wanted to forgive

A mother who she hated to love

A brother who gave her a way out

Her PENCIL continued to flow……

A Woman who was no longer scared

A father that she knew didn’t care

A mother who denied she was cruel

And a brother who gave her the tools

Her POEMS continued to changes millions…

This poem is about: 
My family



This is beautiful and almost made me cry. I grew up abused and my dad left me with my mom. My mom always chose her boyfriends and husbands over me. I was her first born. I'm currently going through the situation of foster care. I became a foster November 18, 2018. I love my foster parents and they are going to adopt me. For the first time I feel loved. Poetry and art was my way out of the world when my mom screamed at me and abused me. Keep up the good work. You're doing great, hon. I look forward to more of your poems.

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