way no out

Please I plead with you. 

Don’t fall. 

Please don’t fall. 

Because it’s going to hurt. 

So try not to get too stuck. 

Don’t lose yourself in him. 

Because the only way out is through heart aching pain. 

So don’t get your hopes up. 

It’s such a useless battle to fight. 

You won’t win. 

I promise you. 

You’ll lose. 

Those ending tears, those quiet ones,

the ones you shed with the cover over your head,

will never fix anything,

and it will not make you feel better. 

I’m trying to help you. 

Don’t you see. 

I know how your mind works. 

It’ll run, and run, and run, and run even faster. 

It will never stop. 

You will never have peace. 

It’ll run up and down, in a circle, or maybe even in reverse. 

It won’t stop either. 

It’ll get you in trouble, if you try to let it out. 

So don’t. 

Because a quiet storm is better than a loud destructive one. 

So just continue to sink in your own tears, and obsess over your running mind. 

You’ll yearn for mellowness without a doubt. 

But you’re not an idiot because of your nervous discernment. 

Don’t cry though, because your mind is trying to make you over analyze the inner workings of a man’s mind. 

I know it’s complicated. 

I promise you. 

That’s all I can give you. 

But you may not believe me,

because people can promise you everything and then leave you with nothing


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