This, is the Way I Feel


We need to stop the stimulation of intimidation

Watch it roll past like trains at a train station

Tellin' stories one line at a time just to turn the world around on a dime back to a state of mind when we were benign aka kind

Hopefully on time before it's too late to just rhyme

Blaming our decisions on those who make decisions with little precision

Now we mad our people are in prison


Only thing we can do is move on and up

Some of us live oblivious to the sins in our cup

We should double up on giving and divide on taking

Double up on loving and divide on hating

Only time we will TRULY be free is when we open our fists, minds, and eyes to see; what's in front of you and me and also on the sides

Civilization and stock markets going up and down like amusement park rides


Why can't we keep our heads up and our guns down

Generate more smiles instead of frowns

Our woman dressing in funeral gowns as a result of these violent clowns running around

Why not more gowns for holy matrimony

Or keeping our kids away from violence and telling them a story

Why not behave and avoid a grave that one day may be layed with pave-ment

Lets change our goals and pin point our purpose; what we are meant- to be

We can do something great you and me, the "we" turns to three, then maybe even four or more

Working together to close the door; on evil


This; is the Way I Feel


sammie j23

this was awesome. the rhymes were simply briliant. i totally get the way you feel


thank you very much, i really appreciate it. i assumed i wasnt the only one to feel this way but its a good feeling to have someone come to me & say they can relate

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